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It is not clear at all how much artistic beauty, historical, architectural, and nature around us. Here in italy we have an endless series of castles, exciting stories of knights, of loves and wonderful gentlemen who have left traces of amazing over the hills.

Explore Rimini with the eyes open to this reality which is so unique will allow you to live more deeply our story, and return home with something more in the heart that relates to our earth.

The Valmarecchia

San Leo is a medieval gem overlooking a cliff of the high Valmarecchia, also known for being the place of imprisonment of John Balsamo, better known as Count Cagliostro. Verucchio, with its castle of Azzurrina recounts a legend esoteric to be discovered. Gradara tells the story of the most famous lovers in literature in dante: the fortress was the place where took place the exciting story of paolo and Francesca narrated, in fact, by the florentine poet in the divine comedy.

The Villages of Valconca

In the Valconca valley we find the Village, a village famous for its artistic and architectural beauties, for a medieval re-enactment is well cared for and well managed. Every year, in the second half of August, the country once again the games and the festivities associated with a pact of peace between the two nobles who vied for the territory: the Montefeltro duke Federico and the Malatesta of Sigismund lord of Rimini.

Stage important and should be one within the oldest republic of the world, a few kilometres from Rimini: San Marino welcomes you with a charming village and the only one of its kind. It was declared by’Unesco Heritage of Humanity in 2008.

They say about us
I been to this place last almost a year go in June. I gotta say it was one of my best trips i took to italy beeing at the hotel from the time i steped in to the time it felt very comfortable and inviting. the staff was great especially when i arrived and was greeted by the receptionist i believe her name was Claudia. She made sure that everything was in place, she gave great advice on my tour. I went there with 2 other people. Food was out of this world...

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